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Join Sir Parker, the bravest knight in all of Kroos, as he and his friends embark on a daring quest to hunt down a dragon who has caused chaos in the kingdom. Will they find the dreadful creature and bring it to justice, or will they learn that there is more to the tale of the dragon than they were led to believe?

Featuring vibrant illustrations, endearing characters, and timeless lessons about kindness, courage, and mercy, this book is sure to enchant adventurers of all ages. This story makes the perfect gift for children, grandchildren, teachers, and fantasy-lovers who are children at heart.

~ Hardcover and softcover available. Ebook can be purchased on Amazon here. International orders please see Amazon listing or contact me directly using the form here.
~ Interior pages 8.5" x 8.5"

~ Genre: Children's Fantasy Fiction
~ Keywords: childrens fantasy fiction adventure; stories about knights and dragons; childrens books about friendship; beginner readers; childrens books about courage; fairy tales; books about kindness; childrens medieval fantasy; juvenile fantasy fiction; dragon picture books

Sir Parker and the Quest for the Dreadful Dragon (Softcover)

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