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It's Me, Parker

To myself in the future,

Greetings! It's me, Parker. I am just learning to write, so my father and the royal scribe thought I should start a journal for practice. I am now seven years old, and I live in the kingdom of Kroos. My favorite things to do are spending time with my family and going on adventures with my friends. I am often busy helping people in the village and running errands for Father, so I probably will not have much time for writing. I do go on some fun adventures, though, and I want to make sure that I write about those so I can remember them. That way, when I'm old like Mother and Father, I'll have exciting stories to tell. Mother is really old, I think: she forgets a lot. She says that all her memory disappeared in the "brainfog" when I was born. I'm not sure where Brainfog is, but I don't want to go if things get lost there and don't come back.

Anyways, my candle is burning low and I should go to bed. Scribe Saul said he will soon write down the story of our dragon adventure, but I will probably write here again before he finishes. He sometimes takes a long time to finish writing accounts, but I know he works very hard. I am glad to finally have a journal of my own, and I look forward to when it is full of amazing stories that I can tell my own kids someday.

Farewell for now,
Knight and Prince of Kroos
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